Customs clearance of export

Customs clearance of export is a simpler procedure compared with one of import but nevertheless it has a number of crucial moments. Having cleared the export with errors you can have a headache in the form of penal sanctions from the exchange control, problems with crossing the border and other. Customs brokers of Group SV will provide you with qualified assistance taking care of all the issues related to processing the documents and supervising the whole process of the export operation.

Specific features of export operations

Unlike import of goods export is not a subject for duties, excise tax, VAT and other taxes. Although there are exceptions. Some goods may be liable to export duties but the list of them is very small. For a long time of our work and large number of exported products with a different range of goods we couldn’t “ketch a luck” to deal with customs clearance of export with export duties applied.

From the pleasant features of export clearance we can emphasize on no need for the entry of a vehicle into the customs control zone (terminal) during customs formalities. This means saving your money, since the entry of a vehicle into the customs control zone is a toll service and the cost of it is considerable. But there is one BUT. Precisely customs clearance of exported goods without entering the terminal is possible if there is no risk triggering entailing the inspection of goods. Usually such risks trigger during first clearance.

However we would like to note that if you will use TIR Carnet while exporting goods anyways the vehicle has to enter terminal for sealing.

Also we want to draw your attention that there is number of products that are difficult to export. Here is a short list of them: narcotics, weapons, explosives, suitcases with cash, walnuts, honey, antiques.

If you came up with the idea of sending something like this then you’d better look for another customs broker for clearing up your product.

Customs clearance of export has several stages:

  • proofreading and correction of export documents if necessary;
  • filling in the shipping documents (CMR, TIR)
  • filling in the cargo customs declaration
  • customs clearance in customs service
  • passing trough related types of control
  • inspection if required
  • forming up a package of documents for the driver and wishes of the "Godspeed!"

Knowing specifics of each stage allows us to guarantee the efficiency of all procedures in accordance to domestic regulations and legislation of the country of arrival of the goods.

Required Documents

For passing the procedure for customs clearance of exports successfully you need to know which documents are required. You can download the standard list of them right now.


All other nuances and documents required for clearance of a particular type of product in the customs regime of export you can find out by calling us – IT’S FREE OF CHARGE.