Customs clearance of import

A modern civilized business becomes effective if provided with the developed specialization of the business process. Everyone should do what he is best in, where he is a highly qualified specialist. Precisely specialists like that will help you conduct customs clearance of goods in Kiev. Foreign trade at its level of private transportation of goods across the border or permanent business with foreign partners at the level of a large enterprise requires binding customs clearance of the goods. Customs clearance is rather nontrivial, troublesome and time-consuming assignment. It requires extensive knowledge in various areas of law and competence in declaring goods.

All these stages of customs clearance full of specific nuances will be easily passed with the help of brokers in the sphere of customs clearance in Kiev. By applying to our company you will avoid exhausting bureaucratic steps. We fully guarantee high quality and fast customs clearance process for all your goods. We understand how important it is to get your goods as soon as possible because only after passing the procedure of import customs clearance owner can freely dispose of it on the territory of Ukraine. All issues of customs clearance of goods in Ukraine are regulated by the Customs Code according to which customs clearance is payment of customs fees, passing through certain formalities and submitting necessary documents required in each particular case. Generally customs clearance of import corresponds to confirmation of the authenticity of the cargo and the grounds for its importation into the territory of the country, payment of import customs duties, obtaining all permitting customs documents from the customs authorities. For successful customs clearance of import owner of goods must submit documents a standard list of which can be found and downloaded right here.


It is very important to submit to the customs authority all required documents on time to avoid delay in receiving goods.

Our specialists will diligently settle all formalities related to the customs clearance of import. For sure you can entrust such important questions to only to a professional to deal with!

Customs clearance in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine – Company Ltd "GROUP SV".