Registration in customs service

Accreditation at customs

Customs clearance of goods can not start without registration with the State customs authorities. Registration in customs is a binding condition for beginning export-import transactions of enterprises - legal entities or individual entrepreneur. Registration in customs service is the first stage - acquaintance so to say of the entrepreneur with the State customs service before customs clearance of goods or vehicles. All formalities associated with this procedure should be produced in advance so that clearance procedure would have no problems. Registration in customs service is kind of a collection of statistical information about subjects of foreign trade that will be put into the database of the customs service. Registration in customs represents a confirmation of the right of an entrepreneur or a legal entity to carry out foreign trade operations. This procedure is quite simple but has some conditions and specifics while filling in documents required for submitting.

Applying for the service of accreditation in State customs service in Kiev, you can rely on the professionalism of our employees which based on their own experience will help to complete it without delay. After the procedure of registration applicants are provided with an Excerpt of registration in the State customs service. Registration in customs service is onetime procedure and its proper conduct will prevent you in future from problems that can arise during passage of customs formalities in export or import operations. After all, the absence of customs registrationcan serve as the basis for the refusal on permit for passage of goods and customs clearance.

It should be noted that any changes in registration information about entity requires re-accreditation. To simplify this assignment and accomplish it in short terms with the highest efficiency you can also use the help of customs broker whose services include registration in customs service in Kiev.